Fact vs. Fiction: Eggs and Cholesterol

Do you totally avoid eating eggs in order to keep your cholesterol numbers down? While we applaud you for your strong willpower, you may have been depriving yourself unnecessarily.

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High cholesterol doesn’t have to mean cutting out eggs for good.

Here’s a look at what’s true and false regarding eggs and cholesterol:

Eggs should be avoided entirely in order to keep your cholesterol levels down.

Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, but only 20 percent of the cholesterol in your blood comes from diet. Additionally, trans and saturated fats contribute more to elevating LDL levels than the cholesterol content of food. So, while a healthy diet is important, a daily cholesterol intake of 200 mg or lower is acceptable.

That means that you may indulge in one large egg, which contains about 186 mg of cholesterol, up to three times a week, as long as you make an effort to follow a healthy diet the rest of the day.

This should be great news for egg lovers. But, if you like eggs and could do without the yolk, you’re really in luck: egg whites contain no cholesterol! Egg whites and egg substitutes are a great way get your egg fix and the benefits of protein without any guilt.

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