Baby Boomers Embracing Health Apps Under Doctor’s Orders

While members of the baby boomer generation are probably not the first to embrace new mobile app trends, a new survey reveals that, if recommended by their doctor, most baby boomers will download a health app.

dreamstime 16497726 300x200 Baby Boomers Embracing Health Apps Under Doctors Orders Photo

Baby boomers are more apt to embrace mobile health apps if recommended by their doctors.

The poll of 600 baby boomers found that, although only 24 percent own smart phones, 60 percent say they would download a health and wellness app if their doctor advised them to, while only 5 percent would on the advice of friends and 18 percent on the advice of family.

For baby boomers with chronic or life threatening conditions, 70 percent said they would download an app recommended by their doctor that allowed them to track their medical issues versus 50 percent who would download an app for general health information or weight loss advice.

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