Medical Tourism – At Home and Abroad

It’s a well-known fact that many Americans travel to countries in South America and Asia for surgical procedures (particularly cosmetic) that cost a fraction of the price they do in the U.S.  But did you know Americans are also traveling to other states in the U.S. to take advantage of favorable variations in healthcare costs?

Would you consider flying for treatment within the U.S.  Medical Tourism   At Home and Abroad Photo

Would you consider flying for treatment within the U.S.? (

In fact, some U.S. based employers are actively seeking out hospitals in other states (as well as abroad) that perform common procedures like knee and hip replacements and cardiac procedures at a reduced cost from the states in which the companies are based.  In cases where an employer has located a suitable facility that will treat their employees for a lower rate, the employer will often cover the employees’ out-of-pocket costs and travel expenses for them and a companion as incentive to travel.

The prospect of losing patients to foreign hospitals has spurred some U.S. hospitals to negotiate prices with these employers, but these arrangements often still necessitate the employees traveling out-of-state for their procedures.

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