How a Doctor’s Office Staff Can Make or Break Your Appointment

As someone who has waited over an hour in a doctor’s office waiting room only to be scolded by the receptionist for inquiring about how much longer the wait would be, I can definitely attest to the importance of a doctor having a good staff.  But do doctor’s office staff really have the ability to color a patient’s overall experience? The Vitals doctor reviews would suggest so.

Your doctors staff can swoop in to the rescue or ruin your day completely. 429x343 How a Doctors Office Staff Can Make or Break Your Appointment Photo

Your doctor’s staff can swoop in to the rescue, or ruin your day completely.

The aspect of a doctor’s appointment that is commented on most after the actual interaction with the doctor would probably be interaction with the front office.  The following Vitals review of an internist in New York City shows how a positive interaction with staff can leave a lasting impression:

“Their office is very organized! I call and they have my results on file with no problems. I wasn’t sure when my results would be coming in but within a few minutes the receptionist had the information I needed.”

However, another review of an internist in the New York area summed up perfectly how a less-than-stellar office staff can sour the entire doctor appointment. After gushing over how great he thinks his doctor is, the reviewer said:

“However, I have decided to switch practices because the office assistant is incredibly rude and inefficient. Each time I call, he cuts me off mid-sentence and he has made several mistakes in organizing my appointments. If there were another person helping with the office, I would stick around but this guy is too mean and unhelpful for me to put up with anymore. Too bad.”

Among the most common complaints involving doctor’s office staff are:

Speaking about private matters out in the open
Speaking about a patient’s condition or medication in the waiting room, in front of other patients, or in a public corridor.

Rushing your appointment setting,  not allowing you to ask questions, and even hanging up the phone on you!

Unprofessional work attire
Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and other clothing unbecoming of a trusted health professional.

Lost appointments, misplaced records, and neglecting to call with test results.

Do you have a story about a remarkably good or bad doctor’s office staff and how they affected your overall experience? Tell us in the comments section below.

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