Eat Your Broccoli

My kid loves her fruit and vegetables. Blueberries are her animal crackers. Broccoli is her mac and cheese. She gets it from me. I’m a big fan of all varieties of produce. My husband … not so much.

At dinner he eats healthy enough since I plan meals and buy groceries. For lunch, I know he calls on McDonald’s and Taco Bell – frequently.

But how much fruits and vegetables are enough? According to the USDA, kids should eat the same amount of fruits and vegetables that adults eat. Your guide should be the plate, a replacement to the food pyramid, which shows that half of the food you and your kids eat should be fruits and vegetables.

I’ll be the first to admit that even in a veggie-friendly home, it’s a struggle to incorporate that many fruits and vegetables into her diet each day. Vegetables are often on the dinner plate, but my carnivorous husband doesn’t make them the star. I love a salad for dinner, but this is one food my daughter doesn’t care for. I try following up most dinners with fruits for dessert, but I also love ice-cream – does cherry-vanilla count?

Is half the food your plate fruit and vegetables? How do you cram in more?