Confession: I couldn’t give up the bottle

This is the first post from our resident blogger Gina M. Larson-Stoller. She will be sharing the struggles, joys and lessons that go along with raising a toddler. 

Graduating to the sippy cup was bittersweet for mom  Confession: I couldn’t give up the bottle Photo

Graduating to the sippy cup was harder on mom than baby (

I admit it. It was more difficult for me to give up the bottle than it was for my daughter. At her 12-month appointment, her pediatrician told me it was time. But I was the one who wasn’t ready.

My daughter was hitting her milestones fast. Overnight, she seemed to transition from that baby infant I brought home to an independent hungry toddler.  I couldn’t stop time.  And I knew it wasn’t prudent to set her up for other problems down the road. Yet, I came home that night, made her a bottle and let her drink it out of my arms. I kissed her head and knew this was a stage I would miss dearly.

That weekend, I finally packed up her bottles, stored them in a cabinet, and handed her a cup to try out. Months later, she’s more independent than ever. Every now and then she takes out the bottles to play with – pretending to feed her stuffed bear or baby doll.

I still miss those times with her, but I realize there is the possibility to share all new things with her as she grows up.  And she isn’t opposed yet to getting a kiss on the head from Mom when the mood strikes