Reasons to Eat Fruits and Vegetables in Season

Are you someone who goes into the supermarket and picks up your favorite fruits and vegetables every week? Or do you make it a point to only choose produce that is in season?

If it’s the former, you’re missing out.

Your local farmers market is a great place to find seasonal produce  Reasons to Eat Fruits and Vegetables in Season Photo

Your local farmer's market is a great place to find seasonal produce (

Here are 3 reasons to shop (and eat) in season:

Buying in season means choosing what’s currently being harvested near you. What this means is that those fruits and veggies will be more abundant than others and won’t have to be transported from afar. These factors all contribute to in-season produce being much cheaper than out-of-season, imported produce.

Taste and Nutrition
In order to make out-of-season fruit available, stores need to import them from where they are being harvested – often, very long distances away. And to ensure that these products don’t spoil en route to your market, they need to be harvested before they ripen and refrigerated for transport. This process means you’re getting a less fresh product that is less flavorful and nutritious than it would be if it were harvested after ripening.

Eating locally in-season produce means eating a large variety of fruits and veggies all year long, making for a more exciting and diverse menu.

Now that you know why you should eat in-season produce, all you need to know is what’s in-season near you. has a seasonal ingredient map that lets you choose your state and the month to see what’s in season by location and time of the year.

So, eat in-season, local produce whenever you can for the savings, better taste, and better nutrition.