New Device Makes Needles Needless

It may one day be possible to avoid the need for needles for injection in the future, thanks to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dont worry A needle free option is in your future  New Device Makes Needles Needless Photo

Don't worry! A needle-free option is in your future (

They’ve developed a device that uses a piston driven by a magnetic force that collides with medication within the canister of the device, forcing it into a person’s skin at the speed of sound – 768 miles per hour.

Unlike transdermal patches and other medication delivery systems that don’t involve a needle, the MIT designed device is not restricted in the consistency and size of particles it can deliver, or in dosage and penetration depth accuracy.

So, while this device is probably years off from wide use, its full adoption could one day significantly decrease the number of job-related needle-stick injuries, not to mention the fears of needle-phobic patients!

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