Longtime Truck Driver’s Face Shows Shocking Effects of Sun Damage

A case study published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine illustrates the serious effect sun exposure can have on a person’s appearance.

Sun damaged face of truck driver nydailynews.com  Longtime Truck Drivers Face Shows Shocking Effects of Sun Damage Photo

Sun damaged face of truck driver (nydailynews.com)

The video below contains a photograph of a truck driver who, over the course of a 28 year career on the road, sustained major sun damage to just the left side of his face.

His face shows a clear delineation between the smooth right side, which did not receive direct sunlight in the truck, and the extremely wrinkled left side, which absorbed the brunt of the sun’s power being closest to the window. Although the truck driver stated that the window was normally rolled up, it’s clear that the glass pane provided little to no protection from the harmful UVA rays.

CNN’s senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen called the photo of the truck driver’s face:

“A great reminder that we should all be wearing sunscreen all the time.”

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Source: cnn.com