World No Tobacco Day 2012: Tips for Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking (for good) may be one of the most difficult things you’ll do in life. Nicotine addiction is extremely powerful. Even the strongest people – like our commander-in-chief! – have had trouble kicking the habit.

Besides the harm to your health smoking is also harmful to your wallet quit smoking  World No Tobacco Day 2012: Tips for Quitting Smoking Photo

Besides the harm to your health, smoking is also harmful to your wallet (

Your doctor is one of your best allies in the fight against nicotine: from discussing what triggers the desire for a smoke to prescribing medication to help you quit.

But if you want to give it one more try without the help of a doctor, here are some tips for quitting smoking on your own:

  • Over the counter aids – nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, nasal sprays, and lozenges all work by slowly weening you off the nicotine and, over time, reducing your desire to smoke.
  • Therapy – Many people use smoking as a way of coping with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. Sorting through your feelings in therapy can help you to face what triggers you to smoke. A therapist can also put you on a behavior modification program designed to replace your habit with other, more healthy ones.
  • Holistic therapy – Things like acupuncture and herbal therapy are said to help with nicotine withdrawal and increase dopamine levels in the brain, lowering your stress level and reducing your need to smoke.
  • Diet and exercise – Eliminating the foods and drinks that you often consume while smoking will help you kick the habit. Exercise releases endorphins which improve your mood and reduce stress. It also helps in keeping off the weight-gain that often accompanies kicking the habit.

For more information on the benefits of quitting, as well as helpful information about working with a doctor to quit, consult the Vitals Smoking Cessation Guide.