Why It’s Important to See an OB/GYN

From the first menstrual cycle to pregnancy and through menopause, women depend on the expertise of OB/GYNs to guide them through their different life stages.

OB GYNs help women maintain gynecological health ehow.com  Why Its Important to See an OB/GYN Photo

OB/GYNs help women maintain gynecological health (ehow.com)

Experts advise women to begin regular appointments with a gynecologist as soon as they become sexually active, or after the age of 21, where they will receive annual Pap smears – an important cancer screening tool for women. According to the latest CDC data, more than 70,000 women are diagnosed with cancers affecting the female reproductive organs each year and more than 20,000 women die from such a disease.

In addition to screening for and treating gynecological cancers and other disorders, OB/GYNs also perform general pelvic and breast exams, prescribe birth control, assist in natural family planning, and treat the symptoms of menopause.

For pregnant women, OB/GYNs provide prenatal care and perform child delivery, giving babies the best possible chances of survival and continued good health.

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