Vitals Names Top 10 Patient-Rated Ophthalmologists in Nashville

top10 150x150 Vitals Names Top 10 Patient Rated Ophthalmologists in Nashville PhotoOf all the senses, vision is the most developed and, thus, what humans depend on most for perceiving the world around us. However, many people take their sight for granted, neglecting the care necessary for preserving healthy sight into old age.

According to the latest CDC data, more than 61 million adults in the US – or 20 percent of the population – are at high risk for serious vision loss, but only half have seen an eye doctor in the last year.

Because many eye conditions can be corrected or significantly improved if detected and treated early, Vitals is encouraging patients to schedule regular eye exams through the release of a list of the Top 10 Patient-Rated Ophthalmologists in Nashville.

How often you visit eye doctor should be based on age, says the American Academy of Ophthalmology. For example, patients under two years old should be examined during their regular pediatric appointments, those between six and 19 years old should schedule appointments as necessary, and those who are 65 and older should receive an examination every one to two years.

However, patients with a history of eye injury, diabetes, or a family history of eye problems, as well as African American patients over 40, are more susceptible to eye diseases and vision problems. These patients should ask their primary physicians for advice on how often to see an ophthalmologist for an eye exam.

Vitals’ Top 10 Patient-Rated Ophthalmologists are those doctors who’ve been rated the highest in qualities that patients value: a good bedside manner, accessibility, adequate follow-up, ease of appointment, diagnosis accuracy, time spent with the patient, office wait time, and staff courtesy.

The list was derived by analyzing the ratings of Nashville’s 41 patient-rated ophthalmologists on Vitals, along with other quality measures. The ratings and review section of Vitals is the most viewed section of the doctor profile, and more than 35,000 patients each month leave doctor reviews.

Below are the Top 10 Patient-Rated Ophthalmologists in Nashville, as featured on Vitals:

  1. Dr. Ming Wang, Nashville, TN, (615) 321-8881
  2. Dr. Anna Skelo, Nashville, TN, (615) 385-2020
  3. Dr. Brandon Busbee, Nashville, TN, (615) 284-7909
  4. Dr. Peter Sonkin, Nashville, TN, (615) 329-8699
  5. Dr. Sean Donahue, Nashville, TN, (615) 936-1034
  6. Dr. Carl Awh, Nashville, TN, (615) 284-7909
  7. Dr. Gary Jerkins, Nashville, TN, (615) 297-6591
  8. Dr. James Bookman, Nashville, TN, (615) 865-1860
  9. Dr. Kenneth Moffat, Nashville, TN, (615) 860-1727
  10. Dr. Allison Smith, Nashville, TN, (615) 324-2164