Prostate Cancer Survivor Dr. Edward Fidalgo: New PSA Guidlines Are Wrong

At the age of 35, OB/GYN Dr. Edward Fidalgo underwent a PSA test at the suggestion of a lab tech while running his own routine blood work. Much to his surprise, the test Dr. Fidalgo took on a whim came back showing his PSA enzyme levels to be very high – a strong indication of cancer.

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After a biopsy confirmed that Dr. Fidalgo had stage 1 prostate cancer, doctors were able to remove the cancer, which was confined only to his prostate, and he made a full recovery.

Had Dr. Fidalgo not decided out of an abundance of caution to test the PSA levels in his blood, there’s a good chance that his prostate cancer would not have been detected until a much later stage and his outcome would have been less fortunate. That’s why he is outraged at the U.S. Preventative Task Force’s new recommendation that doctors discontinue routine PSA tests for men’s annual checkups.

The Task Force issued the new guidelines based on research that says only one life will be saved for every 1,000 men screened over a 10 year period. They determined that the risk of misdiagnoses, unnecessary biopsies, and harsh treatments are not worth so few lives being saved.

Dr. Fidalgo believes that the Task Force has been too hasty in their recommendation. He said:

“It’s indignant! It’s incredible that they would deal with people like that. I am the face of that one guy who got saved because they did a PSA test.”

Dr. Fidalgo’s Vitals profile lists him as a board certified OB/GYN in Miami, Florida with 17 years’ experience.