How to Choose the Right OB/GYN For You

Choosing any doctor is an important decision. But when it comes to choosing an OB/GYN, there are additional factors to consider in ensuring that you’ll feel comfortable discussing intimate matters, as well as if you’re pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant.

Talk to female friends about their OB GYNs then remember to check Vitals  How to Choose the Right OB/GYN For You Photo

Talk to female friends about their OB/GYNs, then remember to check Vitals (

Here are some tips for what to consider in choosing the right OB/GYN:

  • Insurance. Choosing a physician who accepts your insurance plan is always an important consideration. But it’s especially important when choosing an OB/GYN who you may see more often than other specialists and who may order more regular tests, particularly if you’re pregnant or on birth control.
  • Special Expertise. Certain health conditions, like diabetes or obesity, can have a major impact on your gynecological and obstetric health. If you suffer from a chronic health issue, it’s important to choose an OB/GYN who has special knowledge of that area as well, like an OB/GYN who is also a specialist in reproductive endocrinology or bariatric medicine.
  • Distance. Deciding how far you can or are willing to travel to a doctor appointment is always important, but it can be especially important when choosing an OB/GYN who you should see on a regular basis and will see very frequently if you’re pregnant. Remember also that, if you’re pregnant, you will want your OB/GYN to be close enough for you to be able to make it to his or her hospital in time to deliver.
  • Personal Factors. Language, bedside manner, age, and gender are all traits you may be more interested in when it comes to an OB/GYN than a general practitioner.  You may feel more comfortable talking to an older woman with a strong personality about your personal health, or a younger man with a warm demeanor.

So, do your research: ask your friends and family for recommendations, then check those recommendations and find more options on Vitals, where our doctor profiles, ratings, and reviews will provide you with all of the answers you need.