Are Novelty Contact Lenses Safe?

Cat eye contact lenses may be the perfect finishing touch for your Halloween costume, transforming you from someone with fake pointy ears and drawn on whiskers to a real-life feline. And some days, you may be more in the mood to have blue eyes than brown. Let’s not forget the importance of the glowing amber lenses in paying homage to the Twilight series by donning Edward Cullen’s vampiric look.

Novelty lenses allow mortals to have Edward Cullens eyes. Are Novelty Contact Lenses Safe?  Photo

Novelty lenses allow mortals to have Edward Cullen's eyes.

But are these novelty lenses safe? It depends.

Even if you don’t require vision correction, a prescription is still required for the legal purchase of novelty contact lenses. This is because they must be fitted by an eye care professional to your unique eye shape in order for them to be safely worn. Ill-fitting contact lenses can cause abrasions, infections, and other serious vision problems.

Additionally, by obtaining your novelty lenses through an eye doctor, you can be sure that your lenses are FDA approved and properly packaged. The ophthalmologist will also instruct you on the proper care and use of your novelty lenses.

If you’d like to be fitted for novelty or traditional contact lenses, use Vitals to find an ophthalmologist near you.