13-Year-Old Invents a Lollipop That Cures Hiccups

Mallory Kievman, a 13-year-old from Connecticut, has invented a solution to a common problem that has until now eluded the human race, and better yet, comes in the form of a lollipop: a cure for hiccups.

Mallory Kievman inventor of Hiccupops lostateminor.com  13 Year Old Invents a Lollipop That Cures Hiccups  Photo

Mallory Kievman, inventor of Hiccupops (lostateminor.com)

The young scientist came upon the recipe involving apple cider, vinegar, and sugar while experimenting in her kitchen. According to Kievman, Hiccupops, as they’re called, work by:

“(triggering) a set of nerves in your throat and mouth that are responsible for the hiccup reflex arc. (They)basically over-stimulates those nerves and (cancel) out the message to hiccup.”

After winning awards and having a patent for the product filed on her behalf, Kievman is receiving help to launch her company from graduate business students at the University of Connecticut.

Although hiccups might seem to be just a comical-sounding annoyance, they could actually be a sign of a more serious issue like GERD – gastroesophiccupshageal reflux disease.

To learn more about GERD and what you should know before seeing a doctor, read the Vitals GERD Patient Guide.

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