Superhero Pets Who Detect Illness in Humans

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People love their pets regardless of how talented they may be. We swell with pride every time the dog rolls over on command or when the cat catches the wind-up mouse scurrying across the floor.

But for some pet owners, its their pets’ life-saving abilities that they’re most proud of – and grateful for.

Thanks to their acute sense of smell, dogs are able to “sniff out” chemical changes in humans that accompany a health problem. There are dogs who have been trained to detect dangerous blood sugar levels in diabetics, peanut residue in the vicinity of an allergic person, and the presence of cancer in patients before they’ve been diagnosed.

Cats have also been known to identify failing health before humans do. There have been reports of a cat jumping on her owner’s breast for weeks until doctors discovered a tumor in it and a cat who lives in a nursing home and has been observed paying special attention to residents just before they died.

While we applaud these superhero pets, we don’t suggest depending on the family dog to monitor your health; to find the right doctor for you, use the Vitals Find a Doctor tool.