Pop a Pill, Pet a Dog: How Having a Pet Can Improve Your Health

Pets are good for our health mnn.com  Pop a Pill, Pet a Dog: How Having a Pet Can Improve Your Health Photo

Pets are good for our health (mnn.com)

Pet lovers are a passionate group. Many of them would probably have no trouble believing that their pets could bring about world peace. That particular theory has not yet been tested, but what experts are starting to credit pets with is improving the health of their owners.

Research in the up-and-coming field dubbed Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) has shown that interacting with pets can reduce loneliness among patients living in long-term health facilities, help control blood pressure, and even lower stress more effectively than talking with a spouse of best friend.

Dr. Lana Kaiser is a veterinarian and a human doctor who organizes a conference at the University of Michigan each year that brings together human-pet relationship researchers. As for why pets have such a beneficial effect on our health, Dr. Kaiser said more research still needs to be done:

“‘Why’  is a very difficult question to answer. And the door is still open as to which pets are best.”

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Source: abcnews.com