Edward Norton Sponsors Earth Day Contest for Eco-Friendly Charities

Edward Norton treehugger.com  Edward Norton Sponsors Earth Day Contest for Eco Friendly Charities Photo

Edward Norton (treehugger.com)

Edward Norton, star of movies like Fight Club and The Incredible Hulk, is offering his star power and, more importantly, his ample funds to help charities that work for environmental causes.

Norton’s Earth Day Contest will pit charities against each other in a competition to raise the most funds for eco-friendly initiatives. The charity that raises the most money by May 15th will win $25,000, the second place charity will be awarded $15,000, and third place will receive $10,000.

A United Nations Ambassador for Biodiversity, Norton is committed to raising awareness of environmental issues and working towards improving the health of the earth.

“Earth Day is important because it’s about waking up more people to that challenge and committing to engage in it ourselves.”

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Source: starpulse.com