Dr. Jason Burke Creates ‘Hangover Heaven’ for Las Vegas Revelers

Dr. Jason Burke, an anesthesiologist in Las Vegas, Nevada, came up with an inventive way he could use his medical training to serve the needs of his community.

Dr. Jason Burke creator of Hangover Heaven hangoverheaven.com  Dr. Jason Burke Creates Hangover Heaven for Las Vegas Revelers  Photo

Dr. Jason Burke, creator of 'Hangover Heaven' (hangoverheaven.com)

After careful consideration, Dr. Burke somehow narrowed down all of the medical services he could offer to one that would most likely serve the greatest number of people in Vegas; and thus, the idea for the ‘Hangover Heaven’ bus was born.

‘Hangover Heaven’ is a mobile treatment center for anyone who may have imbibed one too many alcoholic beverages during their stay in Sin City. Passengers on the bus may choose either the $90 basic package including one IV drip of saline solution, B vitamins and vitamin C, or a $150 premium package that includes two bags of the IV solution.

Dr. Burke and his team of nurses oversee all treatments and are equipped for any unforeseen emergencies with an automatic defibrillator, a laryngoscope, pulse, blood pressure and oxygen meters, and emergency medications.

If this sounds like a dream-come-true way to live out the plot of  ‘The Hangover’ without fear of consequences, don’t get your hopes up; there is no way to cure a hangover. Dr. Burke said:

“I’m not eliminating hangovers. The goal of the business is to get people back to their vacation. I’m decreasing the length of time they’re going to be hung over.”

Dr. Burke is a board certified anesthesiologist with 12 years of experience. To learn more about Dr. Burke, visit his Vitals profile. 

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