“Alive Inside” Explores Music’s Ability to Cut Through Alzheimer’s Haze

On a whim, social worker Dan Cohen brought iPods to a nursing home for the residents to enjoy some of their favorite music. The unexpected and amazing result of this thoughtful, but unassuming gesture was that many of the residents suffering from memory loss were temporarily granted respite from the fog that had enveloped their lives, joyfully recounting memories from their past with a clearer understanding of their present.

Alive Inside subjects enjoying music core77.com  Alive Inside Explores Musics Ability to Cut Through Alzheimers Haze Photo

'Alive Inside' subjects enjoying music (core77.com)

This phenomenon of music triggering sleeping mechanisms in the brain is explored by Cohen and renowned neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks in a new documentary, “Alive Inside.”

Cohen hopes that this film will inspire others to try music therapy with their loved ones and in nursing homes:

“We hope that our film will inspire and educate the millions of people burdened by diseases that affect memory, and create a grassroots demand for this kind of low cost treatment, which could help not only patients but also caregivers across the globe.”

To learn more about “Alive Inside,” visit their website.

The CDC lists Alzheimer’s as one of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States. If you care for a loved one with memory loss, or are experiencing early signs on memory loss yourself, read the Vitals Alzheimer’s Patient Guide for useful information on getting the most out of your appointment with the doctor.

Source: ximotionmedia.com