Vitals Names Top 10 Patient-Rated Dermatologists in Nashville

top10 150x150 Vitals Names Top 10 Patient Rated Dermatologists in Nashville PhotoDermatologists are responsible for treating the body’s largest organ – the skin – as well as the hair, nails, and scalp. The number of conditions affecting these areas of the body are both varied and numerous, ranging from a simple case of dandruff and aesthetic issues to the deadliest forms of skin cancer, or melanoma.

While many people come for treatments like mole removal, scar diminishment, botox injections, and face lifts, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends visiting a dermatologist annually for a skin cancer screening, as early detection greatly increases the survival rate. So, in an effort to encourage the public to schedule what should be a routine appointment for maintaining good health, Vitals has released the list of the Top 10 Patient-Rated Dermatologists in Nashville.

Vitals’ Top 10 Patient-Rated Dermatologists are those doctors who’ve been rated the highest in qualities that patients value: a good bedside manner, accessibility, adequate follow-up, ease of appointment, diagnosis accuracy, time spent with the patient, office wait time, and staff courtesy.

The list was derived by analyzing the ratings of Nashville’s 29 patient-rated dermatologists on, along with other quality measures. The ratings section of Vitals is the most viewed section of the doctor profile, and more than 35,000 patients each month leave doctor reviews.

Below are the Top 10 Patient-Rated Dermatologists in Nashville, as featured on Vitals:

  1. Dr. T. Wayne Day, Nashville, TN
  2. Dr. Jennifer Martin, Nashville, TN
  3. Dr. Wilfred Lumbang, Nashville, TN
  4. Dr. David Horowitz, Nashville, TN
  5. Dr. Barbara Sitton, Nashville, TN
  6. Dr. Elizabeth Evers, Nashville, TN
  7. Dr. Kimberly Vincent, Nashville, TN
  8. Dr. Laura McGirt, Nashville, TN
  9. Dr. Michael Zanolli, Nashville, TN
  10. Dr. Carla Lee, Nashville, TN

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