Why We Love Our Pediatricians

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Do you love your pediatrician? (flickr.com/photos/karenhorton)

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love; it’s about celebrating the love for every special person in your life.

And who’s more special than the person who looks after the health of your children – your pediatrician?

To honor the day, Vitals asked the members of its Facebook community, “I Heart My Pediatrician,” what a pediatrician did to earn their love.

We heard so many great stories about doctors going above and beyond for their pint-sized patients, but these three stood out because they illustrate why pediatricians deserve to be celebrated on this day of love.

Great Follow-Up

“Dakota broke out in hives when she was about seven months old and it scared us to death. Dr. Martin had us in to see him within an hour and had me feeling so much better. He made sure to even call and check up on her. One thing I was worried about was finding the best doctor we could for our baby girl and I am confident that we have.”

–          Submitted by Ashley Partin, Crittenden, KY

Good Bedside Manner

“The day I found out I was pregnant, I started looking for Dr. Ford (my pediatrician as a child), and was ecstatic to find he was still practicing. This is the same doctor who, after treating me for Rheumatic Fever when I was nine, came up to my school to have lunch with me when I was able to return. And, since I was in the hospital over Valentine’s Day, Dr. Ford bought me this little ceramic figurine. You just don’t see acts like that in most doctors today.”

–          Submitted by Donnette Leonard

An Accurate Diagnosis

“One day, I went for an appointment and, to my dismay, they said my appointment wasn’t recorded in their computer! My baby was so sick – I was scared to death. On my way out the door, the doctor was coming in from another hall and asked what we were doing there. I told her how my appointment magically disappeared. She looked at my daughter right there in the hall, told me what to do, smiled, and said ‘there’s your freebie!’ Wow – what a lady!”

–          Submitted by Deidree Speas, Mount Airy, NC

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