Top 10 Patient-Rated Doctors

Top 10 Top 10 Patient Rated Doctors PhotoWhat defines a good doctor?

Many things, of course, but a big one is satisfied patients. That’s what we measure at Vitals – what doctors’ patients think of them. We’ve had nearly 2 million people rate and review their doctors – the largest collection on the web.

We’ve tabulated all of this patient data and, for each specialty in each major city, we’ve used it to identify the Top 10 Patient-Rated Doctors.

These doctors are chosen by the patients themselves. A doctor’s reputation among his/her patients is an important consideration to the patient who values those intangible qualities that make an exceptional physician: a good bedside manner, accessibility, adequate follow-up, etc. By measuring doctors on a human scale, our Top 10 Patient-Rated Doctors are set apart from those who may have published the most research or are the most well-known.

Unlike other top doctors lists which survey the physician community for nominations of peers whom they believe to be exceptional, our lists are based on unsolicited ratings by patients.

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