The Trial of Michael Jackson Doc Conrad Murray: Week Two Recap

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Week three of Michael Jackson’s doctor trial is set to begin, while week two proved to be quite eventful. Here are some updates, provided by CNN, to catch you up and ready for week three.

Dr. Steven Shafer shook up the court with this concrete evidence of proper medical services vs how Dr. Conrad Murray actually conducted himself as Michael Jackson’s personal physician.

Things are getting so heated up, that Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister, has canceled scheduled concerts in Australia in order to be with her family and see the trial to the end.

#5 — Did Dr. Conrad Murray lie on the stand on the dose of sleep medication administered?

Dr. Murray told detectives that he only administered a total of 4mg of the sleep medication lorazepam to Jackson the day he died. But Dr. Shafer said that Dr. Murray must be mistaken because — based on the levels of the drug found in Jackson’s blood during the autopsy — Jackson had significantly more lorazepam in his system when he died. Shafer says the only way Jackson’s blood would have the level of lorazepan observed at autopsy is if he got 10 consecutive injections at double the rate Murray claims.

#4 — Propofol 101: Proper use of anesthetic and precautionary measures.

Dr. Shafer walked the jury through a video demonstrating the proper way to administer the anesthetic propofol to a patient. The video also showed the procedures taken when a patient’s heart stops beating. It was a stark contrast to the equipment and procedures used by Dr. Murray in Jackson’s bedroom.

#3 — Michael Jackson was in a “pharmacological never-never land.”

Dr. Shafer says that Michael Jackson had such complex drug problems that he was — medically — in uncharted waters. He called it a “pharmacological never-never land” and said that Jackson’s unique combination of issues would have been a challenge for any doctor to treat. Dr. Shafer said not enough research exists on the effects of propofol withdrawal.

#2 — Battle of the experts gets ugly.

Dr. Shafer threw the first punch earlier in the week by saying he was “disappointed” in his longtime friend’s report, which said Jackson could have died from drinking propofol. Defense attorney Ed Chernoff accused Dr. Shafer of being “dismissive” and said he tried to shove the results of his own study down Dr. White’s “professional throat.” But Dr. White certainly isn’t innocent in all of this. He could now be held in contempt for some comments he made that were overheard by members of the public and media. Dr. White tried to explain himself but the judge didn’t want to hear it and set a contempt hearing for Nov. 16th.

#1 — Dr. Shafer provides the only logical reason for Michael Jackson’s death.

Dr. Shafer methodically eliminated several scenarios. He says there’s no way a single dose of propofol (not 25mg, 50mg or 100mg) could have killed Jackson. He eliminated several self-injection scenarios, too. It all came down to the levels of propofol found in Jackson’s body during the autopsy. The drug works so fast that any single dose would leave a small amount in his blood. Dr. Shafer said there’s only one possible scenario: Jackson was hooked up to an IV drip of propofol. He then rigged up the system that he believes Dr. Murray used to infuse Jackson with the propofol.



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