Dr. Andrew Sutton Caught Red Handed

Dr Andrew Sutton Dr. Andrew Sutton Caught Red Handed Photo

Dr. Andrew Sutton (nside.photobooks.com)

An ENT physician arrested on child pornography charges, pleaded not guilty during his April 1st court appearance.

The federal investigation of Dr. Andrew Sutton incriminated him from an online conversation directly with the undercover law enforcement agent, followed by seized computers and external hard drives with additional images of child pornography.

“Despite the ongoing publicity relating to undercover operations designed to catch people who are shopping for or trading sexually explicit images of children online, these investigations continue to succeed,” U.S. Attorney Sally Yates said in a statement. “Those caught are not limited to any socioeconomic status.”

Dr. Andrew Sutton’s lawyer, Joel Pugh, commented that he was not the target of the investigation and was accidentally caught.

“I hope people give him the benefit of the doubt in this situation,” said the doctor’s attorney.

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