Michelle Obama Treated Friend Dr. Anita Blanchard to a Trip to Spain

 Michelle Obama Treated Friend Dr. Anita Blanchard to a Trip to Spain Photo


First Lady Michelle Obama treated her close friend, Dr. Anita Blanchard, to a trip to Spain after recently losing her father. Dr. Anita Blanchard is an obstetrician that delivered both of Michelle’s daughters.  Her father passed a month ago, and Michelle Obama could not attend the funeral.

The source told Chicago Sun-Times that “(Obama) felt it was important as a dear friend to do this.”

Surrounding controversy of Michelle Obama’s expensive trip, Dr. Anita Blanchard had paid her own expenses.  She is the wife of Marty Nesbitt, who was the treasurer of Obama’s presidential campaign fund.

According to Vitals.com, Dr. Anita Blanchard is a board-certified OB/GYN.  She completed her medical degree at the top-ranked University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine in 1990.

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  1. Inquisitor1231 says:

    I call B.S. This suggests the trip was planned at the last minute. Here's the Spanish press reporting how the owner of the resort knew as far back as at least June that the Obama family would be visiting:

    Hace al menos dos meses que el propietario del hotel Villa Padierna solicitó que se arreglase la carretera de acceso al recinto. Advirtió a los alcaldes de la zona de que la familia Obama planeaba pasar unos días en el resort, pero nadie le creyó. Ni el Ayuntamiento de Estepona, a quien pertenece el vial, ni el de Benahavís, al que pertenece la finca de más de cinco millones de metros cuadrados que alberga tres campos de golf, unos 500 chalés de lujo y el distinguido hotel.


  2. Frosty7530 says:

    Interesting that this “dear friend”, happens to be her physician, Dr. Anita Blanchard. In many states, there are now laws/rules discouraging doctors to treat friends or relatives. Right now the trial of the late showgirl/mode, AnnaNicole is exploring the relations that Anna had with her physicians. One of the doctors who was a witness for the prosecution, really condemned the doctors for making house calls, amongst other inappropriate behaviors. I may be wrong but I think CA is one of several states that are very condeming of doctors treating friends. Important boundaries in Dr.-Pt. relationship are eroded, and that sets the stage for inter-dependent behavior, which is a gateway to drug abuse. Many experts contend that doctors really need emotional distance to diagnose and treat patients, as patients.

    Dr. Blanchard is an academic OB/Gyn. She has admitted to delivering President Obama & First Lady Michelle's daughters. She only practices at Univ of Chicago, where she treats complex/high-risk patients and also does research and teaching. I am not sure if she does primary care w/her patients, unless they are pregnant or needing gyn care. I know in many cases HMO's prefer that if a consumer wants an OB/GYN specialist, they retain that dr. as a primary care provider, as well. It keeps costs down, and also keeps the coordination of pt. care at a high standard. Many ob/gyn's however, do not like this, and will insist upon staying within their specialty, even at the risk of having a lower patient load.

    It will be interesting to see how the medical profession reacts to this story of Mrs. Obama “treating”her grieving doctor-friend to a luxery vacation in Spain!