Best of the Doctor Bloggers – Pediatricians

The 10 Pediatricians listed below provide an excellent job of capturing the doctors point of view. These blogs run the full gamut from humorous, political, hot medical topics and just general musing and rants from the doctors at the end of a long work day. Congratulations to all of you for providing the public a great service.

1)  Dr. Robert Lamberts: Musings of a Distractible Mind- Dr. Lamberts specializes in internal medicine and pediatrics.  We liked his blog as he attacks the fears people have with doctors with a burst of humor. He tackles everything from rectal exams to dating patients.

2) Dr. Vincent Lannelli: – Dr. Lannelli specializes in pediatrics in Rowlett, TX.  His blog focuses as a resource for parents and fellow pediatricians. The blog is like of hub and topic center for all things pediatrics.

3) Dr. Kelly Stephens: Radical Thoughts – The blog name says it all. This blog is really radical and in Dr. Stephen’s own words “I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and I am God’s child. I am a mother of two grown children and the wife of a man after God’s own heart. I am loved.” Amen!

4) Dr. Elizabeth Nelsen: Life, Not Terribly Ordinary – Dr. Nelsen practices pediatrics in Syracuse, NY. She muses about life on the job and shares her frustrations and awe inspiring moments. Caution! Some of the posts are a little raw.

5) Dr. Michael Hebert: Dr. Hebert’s Medical Gumbo – Dr. Hebert specializes in internal medicine and pediatrics in Summit, MS. His blog posts are an interesting blend of internal medicine, pediatrics, and philosophy.

6) Dr. Christopher Johnson: Caring for the Criticially Ill Child – Dr. Johnson is a pediatrician in Colorado Springs, Co. This is a serious blog tackling various medical issues that involve children. Recent posts talk about sedation, H1N1 and salt intake.

7) Dr. Lewis First: Pediatrics – Dr. First is a pediatrician in Burlington, Vt. This is very high level. Don’t attempt to understand this blog unless you are a pediatrician.

8) Dr. David Loeb: Dr. David’s Blog – Dr. Loeb specializes in pediatric hematology and oncology in Baltimore, MD. He rants about hot political and medical topics and his posts have real substance. Kudos.

9) Dr. Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe: Dr Gwenn Is In – Dr. Gwenn practices pediatrics in Salem, MA. Her posts are rich in multimedia and tackle some very tough issues like teen suicide and texting addicts.

10) Dr. Maria Nabong: Dr. Nabong’s Pediatric Blog – Dr. Nabong practices pediatrics in Scottsdale, AZ. This blog is on the serious side with great details and photos. Posts are focused on babies like baby acne and rashes.


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