Angie Jackson Tweets Abortion of Her Second Pregnancy

ru486 Angie Jackson Tweets Abortion of Her Second Pregnancy Photo

Mifeprex also known as RU-486 (buttercuppunch)

In an effort to ‘de-mystify’ the concept of abortion, Angie Jackson, a mother of one decided to tweet the process live.

When Angie’s IUD failed it was too late to take the morning-after pill, so her physician gave her the “Plan-B” RU-486 abortion pill, followed by 4 additional ones – a non-surgical option for early term pregnancies.

Although there have been other women that publicly reported the abortion process, Angie is the first that used the Twitter platform, relating her physical and emotional state of being.

“I’m doing this so other women know, ‘Hey, it’s not nearly as terrifying as I had myself worked up thinking it was.’ It’s just not that bad.” Said Angie Jackson.

RU-486, or Mifepristone, is a fairly new pharmaceutical abortive pill, that has not been researched in long-term effects. It has also shown to have rapid effect on psychotic major depression, where normal treatment did not work.