Dr. Christopher Thompson Sentenced for 8 Years for Road Assault

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Dr. Christopher Thompson Convicted to 8 years in jail (latimes.com)

2 months ago we featured a story about Dr. Christopher Thompson lashing out his road rage and injuring cyclists in the street.  He ran down two bicyclists in California, by swerving in front of them and breaking hard causing serious injuries.  Sending one of the cyclists, Ron Peterson, through the doctor’s rear car window, after which he suffered lacerations to the face, broken teeth and nose reattachment.

Since then, Dr. Thompson has been held in jail until the Judge sentenced him to 8 years in prison.

“He was convicted of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and other charges in the assault on July 4, 2008.”

According to Vitals.com, Dr. Christopher Thompson is a certified Emergency Physician, however he holds a very poor overall patient rating.



  1. Delany says:

    His rating at Vitals.com… to be fair to Dr. Christopher Thompson, it appears that every review there was added after his story hit the news.

    It’s probably not a true reflection of his job performance.

    I’m glad he got a firm punishment.

  2. smeyeah says:

    He should appeal. The last time I checked the law is on the side of the individual who was rear-ended. The person to the rear (car, motorcycle, or bicycle) has the legal duty to be in control of their vehicle and be able to stop their vehicle in time to avoid running into the vehicle in front. That's why if you rear end someone you are always legally liable…whether you slipped on ice, couldn't see, etc.

    Regarding the bicyclists, I don't think it was necessary for one of them to yell an expletive. That person made the situation worse with their rudeness. Believe it or not, bicyclists have a duty to follow the traffic regulations just like cars. All too often I see bicyclists run a red light and dart in front of my vehicle and give me a dirty look as if I had run the light. If the person were in a vehicle instead of on a bike, there would be no question that they were in the wrong. Why does that change just because the person is on a bicycle? One time I was trying to pull onto a busy street. Another motorist had the courtesy to stop and let me out. A group of bicyclists behind the motorist passed him to the right even though they must have known he was letting me out. The bicyclists think they can do whatever they want on a public way and this attitude must be corrected.

  3. Mike Sledge says:

    This is a late reply. You are completely wrong about people driving or on bikes. A person who does what this Doctor did should be given what the law prescribes and it looks like he has. There is history of his bad behavior. He went far beyond what is acceptable in society. He should have reported the problem instead of being a vigalante. If a person stops short on someone they are wrong period. If you have a problem with a human reacting as a human by yelling an expletive than you must have problems all the time. Do you injure those people. What does the law say about pulling into a street. The last I understood was you wait until it is clear. You are upset because why? Bicyclist have the same rights as motorist and the same responsibilities. But, running them down is not the solution. As a bicyclist I am using a video camera to document those people like the Dr. and report those persons using video evidence. You are the people I report!!!!!