Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan Went On a Wild Shooting Rampage in Fort Hood

According to Vitals.com, Dr Nidal Hasan specializes in Psychiatry & Neurology. His medical school was the Uniformed Services University F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine. He was recently promoted to major this past May.

Dr. Nidal Hasan went on a wild shooting rampage in Fort Hood killing and wounding many. It is striking to note that Dr. Hasan just completed his fellowship at USUHS for Disaster and Preventive Psychiatry.

blogSpan Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan Went On a Wild Shooting Rampage in Fort Hood Photo

Dr. Nidal Hasan (nytimes.com/CSTS website)

Update: Vitals.com just checked the ratings logs and the below comment came in at 5:30pm EST, while the shooting was at 4:30pm EST and we suspect this comment by Pvt J. Hammond maybe fictitious. Thanks to our readers for pointing out the impossibilities of his comments.

The following comment was written earlier today on Vitals.com by someone calling himself Pvt J. Hammond.

“Although he was hard to understand (strong accent) this doctor helped me come to terms with my conscientious objector status.While I am still not thrilled about being deployed to Iraq, I at least understand how doing so to protect my fellow soldiers is a good thing.”


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  2. claire marshall says:

    Pvt. Hammond..’strong accent’?? The guy was born and raised in the good old USA. I call BS and shame on you for publishing this propaganda!

  3. blu says:

    If the shooter was raised in Virginia, had been in the service since before 911, how could he have had a hard to understand accent? Hinky meter dinging on this post.

  4. diane says:

    Vitals.com just checked our logs and the comment came in at 5:30pm EST and the shooting was at 4:30pm EST and we suspect it is fictitious as well – Thanks for pointing this out

  5. claire marshall says:

    Thank you for checking that out. Now, don’t you think it’s time to delete the propaganda before its picked up and spread word-wide?

  6. Slip McGee says:

    He just killed 12 people but let’s not propagadize his accent. You people are sick making. I don’t care if he talks like Benny Hill his name is
    Nidal Malik Hasan. How ’bout we change it to Ned Hass for the media. Woudn’t want to disparage any of them thar Moooslambs would we…

  7. irk says:

    So maybe pvt hammond is fictitious character…. but to say that people who were born and raised in the us, or served in the military, would not not have “strong accent” is pretty ignorant. there are tons of people in the us who’ve been here for generations whose accents are hard to understand… (like people from louisiana and other southerners…)

  8. kws says:

    People from Virginia can’t have strong hard to understand accents to someone from an entirely different part of the US?

  9. Someone from Fort Hood says:

    Actually the shooting took place 2:30 PM because the shooting happened at 1:30 PM Central. And yes Maj. Hassan has an accent. There are many people who are born in the United States and grow up with English as their second language, therefore they have accents. But you are all experts, right? Does it matter what his accent was? The man killed innocent people, time will tell why. But the DoD has release official information that Maj. Hassan was being investigated prior to this incident for making comments on several occasions regarding suicide bombings. So Pvt. Hammond may be stirring the pot, but he is not far off. And I am wondering if any of you have had the opportunity to be treated at CRDAMC? Or if you are even in the Ft. Hood area, if not than maybe you should hold off on calling someone a liar.

  10. formerARMYSGT says:

    I was treated by Dr. Hasan the same month he went on his rampage. I saw him everyday for a week straight… that whole time I didn’t notice an accent… at all… Pretty sure Pvt Hammond is made up.