Judge Slams The Brakes On Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson

Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson, an emergency room doctor who spent more than twenty years working at Beverly Hospital in Montebello, has been found guilty of deliberately slamming on his brakes, sending two cyclists into the back of his car.

rearwindow Judge Slams The Brakes On Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson Photo

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury on Monday found Dr. Thompson guilty of assaulting cyclists by abruptly stopping his car in front of them on a hilly Los Angeles County road last year.

He was found guilty on two counts of reckless driving, two counts of battery, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of mayhem and could face as much as five years in prison.

Ron Peterson, one of the cyclists, testified that Thompson drove past him and a fellow bicyclist on a narrow stretch of Mandeville Canyon Road in Brentwood, honked his horn and yelled at them to “ride single-file.”

Peterson testified that he yelled an expletive at Thompson. That’s when Thompson swerved in front of the bikers and hit the brakes, Peterson testified.


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