Dr. Ordon of The Doctors Started Surgical Friends Foundation Tackling Life-Threatening Cases

Dr. Andrew Ordon, the star on CBS’s hit daytime show, The Doctors. He is referred to as “the governor of plastic surgery” and “plastic surgeon to the stars”. Dr. Ordon is teaming up with renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Kami Parsa and Dr. Jay Calvert to form a new foundation, Surgical Friends Foundation. The trio joined together to combat the most difficult, and often life-threatening, reconstructive cases of individuals in need and without health insurance.

The mission of Surgical Friends Foundation is to unite philanthropists, reconstructive surgeons, and patients in need of surgery but without the financial resources. As plastic surgeons with sub-specialty expertise, they are well-suited to perform these life-altering surgeries. Most of the foundation’s patients have physical deformities that are congenital, post-traumatic or acquired in nature.

Their first mission will be to Cambodia where they will handle a full slate of pediatric cases – all children who have been victims of land mines, as a result of decades of civil war. After 20 years of war, one out of every 290 Cambodians is living with a deformity as a direct result of the numerous land mines plaguing their landscape. This is one of the highest ratios in the world

For more information on the Surgical Friends Foundation and to view a video of a recent case surgery, visit www.surgicalfriends.org.

Dr. Andrew P. Ordon, M.D is a surgeon in the area of aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery with a private practice in Beverly Hills and Rancho Mirage. Dr. Ordon is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California where he earned his under-graduate degree with Honors in Biological Sciences. He then received his medical degree from USC School of Medicine with Honors in Medicine.

Dr. Ordon in His Own Words: For decades I have been privileged to help rebuild and enhance the lives of many individuals. I bring a unique combination of training, experience, and quality of care to all of my patients. I have a commitment to enhancing an individual’s natural beauty through using the latest techniques in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Our relationship begins with trust and ends with the successful completion of natural rejuvenation or reconstruction