Dr. Raul Ruiz Thanks Coachella Community For His Opportunities

Raul Ruiz  MD  MPP  MPH Dr. Raul Ruiz Thanks Coachella Community For His Opportunities Photo

Dr. Raul Ruiz

A doctor is fulfilling a promise he made to his home town. It was Dr. Raul Ruiz’s community that helped get him started on a path that would lead him to make history and now he is giving back by giving Latinos exceptional opportunities.

Dr. Ruiz is a physician on staff at Eisenhower Medical Center, the Coachella Valley’s only non-profit hospital. He started this dream at four years old when he was just a son of migrant farm workers. A family friend paid for him to apply to UCLA, but it was the community of Coachella that helped put Dr. Ruiz through school. Coachella is a small farming town of mostly Spanish-speaking immigrants. The average family income is less than $25,000 dollars a year.

Dr. Ruiz recalls that he started knocking on doors and saying:

“I am from this community. I want to become a physician and I’m gonna come back. I want to offer you the opportunity to invest in your community.”

With the money, and more importantly, community backing, Raul Ruiz went off to UCLA. After graduation, he went to Harvard Medical School to become a doctor. He could have practiced anywhere but Dr. Ruiz kept his promise and came back to his family and community.  Doctor Raul Ruiz is now coaching teenagers in community service to ensure there will another generation in Coachella who will give-back.

Dr. Ruiz favorite motto is:

“All things are possible, all things are possible.”