The Many Lies of Doctor Martin Joseph MacNeill

Jeff Robinson is the chief investigator for the Utah County Attorney’s Office. He has researched the background of Martin Joseph MacNeill, a family medicine doctor and attorney. Robinson unraveled years and years of lie after lie after lie. He compared the man’s life to the movie Catch Me If You Can but said the movie paled in comparison.

 Lie 1: Martin Joseph MacNeill signed up for the Army at age 17. MacNeill was put on disability leave two years later when a medical officer deemed him a latent schizophrenic with other mental and psychological infirmities.

Lie 2:  He was convicted of three theft, burglary and forgery felonies in California in 1978. Then MacNeill falsified transcripts and lied on applications to get into two different medical schools — and later to Brigham Young University Law School.

Lie 3: Investigators discovered that MacNeill tampered with his transcripts to indicate that he graduated in psychology and biology and that he received higher grades than he actually did. With false transcripts, MacNeill was able to get into a medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico, while he was still on probation from his felony charges in 1978.

Lie 4: After a semester there and while still on probation, Robinson said, MacNeill transferred to Western University of Health Sciences in California with his previous falsified transcripts, which also stated that he had been at the Guadalajara medical school for a full year.

Lie 5: The same year he transferred, he had an interview with the Army to check up on his disability leave, during which he allegedly told the examiner that he had not been working or attending school. Robinson said that made him eligible for 50 percent disability pay from the Veterans Administration and he later received 100 percent pay, according to documents investigators obtained. Robinson said the VA is investigating that matter. MacNeill also managed to receive 100 percent pay from Social Security.

Lie 6: Three years later, MacNeill received a license to practice as an osteopathic physician and surgeon in Utah. He started working part time for the BYU Health Center under what investigators say was a false pretense that he had no diagnosed psychological disorders. Investigators learned that during his work at BYU, he was accused of rape by a student, according to subpoenaed information.

Lie 7: In 1990, MacNeill was taken to court over another matter — Medicaid fraud — and was banned from having any Medicare patients for the next 12 years.

Lie 8: In 2007, when charges of sexual abuse were filed by a relative shortly after his wife, Michele, died on April 11, 2007.

Lie 9: MacNeill was indicted in federal court in January 2009 on nine counts of aiding and abetting in aggravated identity theft, misuse of a Social Security number, and making false statements. He pleaded guilty to two counts of aiding and abetting in aggravated identity theft.

Lie 10: In addition, just recently prosecutors say MacNeill admitted falsifying a burglary report and the loss of more than $10,000 from his Pleasant Grove home. He also obtained a fraudulent birth certificate for another person, court documents state. Last week, MacNeill — a father of eight — pleaded guilty to three felonies of false and inconsistent statements, insurance fraud and forgery in Provo’s 4th District Court and Judge Samuel McVey ordered him to serve three years in jail.

“It is amazing story about how he got from one place to another through lies,” Robinson said. “Whenever you can become a doctor and an attorney based on lies, that is an amazing thing.”

In ad nauseam, reports that Dr. Macneill published one publication in his medical career titled none other then “The cost of White Lies”.

Dr. Macneill has 1 publication:

Article: The cost of white lies.
Date: April 2004


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