Dr. Jennifer Arnold – Pediatrician and Star of the Hit Reality Show “Little Couple”

Latest Update: Dr. Jen Arnold and Hubby Saddened By Surrogate’s Miscarriage, Remain Hopeful

Showing the World That Little People Can Lead Big Lives

Dr Jennifer Arnold Dr. Jennifer Arnold   Pediatrician and Star of the Hit Reality Show “Little Couple” Photo

Dr. Jennifer Arnold

It’s not the plot of “Little Couple,” the newest reality show on TLC, that is extraordinary, but rather the stars. The show centers on Bill Klein and Jen Arnold whose dwarfism is secondary to the daily trials of being newlyweds and building a life together.

According to The Little People of America, there are an estimated 300 types of dwarfism. Jen, also known as Dr. Jennifer Arnold, was born with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, or SED, in which a random genetic mutation causes abnormal collagen formation. This led to her dwarfed stature; she stands 3 feet, 2 inches.

Arnold, a pediatrician, neonatal specialist and assistant professor of pediatrics, was determined to live a full, productive life despite her size.

“Everyone has to make an individual choice of what is the right career path for them, but it is hard when people choose roles that are primarily perpetuating stereotypes.”

She has more than succeeded in finding a way to participate in the world on her own terms.  Entering medical school she decided to specialize in other small people – the littlest babies in the neo-natal unit.

When children ask her why she is different, she explains that some people are made tall, some are short and she happens to be really little. “Children usually accept that and move on.”

According to Vitals, Jennifer received her medical degree at John Hopkins University and completed an internship in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She is presently the Medical Director of The Pediatric Simulation Center in Texas Children’s Newborn Center as well as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine.

Fans of “Little Couple” can expect to be inspired and entertained as they watch Bill and Dr. Jen move to a new city, buy a home and contemplate starting a family as they negotiate the usual ups and downs newlyweds face.



  1. Dr. Jennifer Arnold – Pediatrician and Star of the Hit Reality Show “Little Couple”: Showing the World That Litt.. http://tinyurl.com/n85trg

  2. Jeff Flanders says:

    Dr. Arnold saved my son’s life and is one of our household heros. My son was born 1lb 10oz in a hospital in Johnstown, PA. They had given up on our son and told us he would die by morning. They gave us the option of life flighting my son to Pittsburgh’s Childrens Hospital. When the helicopter arrived you can imagine my surprise to see Dr Arnold walking in. I got down on one knee and she took my hand and said my son would be ok. She had my son stabilized in 1 hour and called my cell phone while we were driving to Pittsburgh. She is an angel. My son is 2 1/2 and is our blessing from god. We love you Jen

  3. J. Geiss says:

    Dr. Arnold:
    Have you ever worked at Our Lady of Lourdes in Camden, N.J.? When my son was born, a team of neonatologists came in to assess him because of meconium. I remember a Little Person was on the team and she threw her stool on the floor under the bassinet and started working on my baby. I love the Little Couple show, and now I am just curious if that could have been “Jen” who cared for my newborn baby 8 years ago. So cool! If it was you, thanks so much for your help!!
    EJ Geiss

  4. .Margaret L. Mitchell, MSRN, CNS Director Nursing Resource and Simulation Lab says:

    Hello Dr. Arnod: I happen to be viewing your soecial on TV when I realized you were about to give a presentation on simulation. I was excited because I am an MsRN and Director of our simulation la at Salisbury University in Maryland. We utilize SimMan and soon SimBaby. I am interested in anything you have written and published on the subject

  5. Margaret L. Mitchell, MSRN, CNS Director Nursing Resource and Simulation Lab says:

    I was watching your hit show and perked up when I realized you were to present on Simulation. Do you lecture very often?..if so is there a website listing these and dates> I was also wondering if you have published work on the subject. I teach nursing students using SimMan and soon Sim Baby. We are in the planning stages for a state of the art clinical lab. Would love to learn about the work you do!

  6. Holly Santoro says:

    Dear Dr. Arnold and Mr. Klein:

    I have become a faithful viewer of your show, but there is such and important aspect of your sharing your lives with people whcih I know you are aware of, but this really is so important. Mky stepdaughter has a good friend who had a baby two years ago, who is a little person. She was almost two years old when she began to walk but it is so much fun to see her run around because she has made up for lost time! She is so steady and that seemed to happen so quickly. The thing that I wanted you both to know is that her mother has taped each show to allow her so see these as she grows older and needs to see them. What a gift you are both giving people since I know there have to be such a huge number of people doing the same things. Thanks so much for sharing your lives with everyone. I’m sure it is difficult sometimes! I wish you many, many years of happiness together! My husband had a severe heart attack 17 years ago and had anoxia with it. That journey has been unbelieveable but we are so blessed that he has come so far. We have a very good life and he is basically healthy and happy. The interesting thing is that, as I’m sure you are well aware of, there is great prejudice against that type of brain injury. It took a long time to accept that and also to find physicians who realize that he is indeed a whole person and understands what is happening since many times no matter what he or I said it was assumed that that was not the case. I vividly remember when he went into the hospital two years ago for the removal of a colon tumor the anesthesiologists both asked me if it were true he was anoxic because they said they had never seen a patient so responsive with anoxia. What a thrill that was! So, I guess it makes me much more aware that people learning about how others cope with difficult situations is so helpful and you both are doiing that on a such a large and important scale. As I said, please know you are wished many years of joy and happiness together!

  7. Jayne Smith, Knoxville, TN says:


    I’ve known you for 17 years in a long distance kind of relationship, but never have I been more proud to call you a friend as now when you’ve put your daily life, smiles, tears, challenges, and your wonderful giggle out there “naked” to the whole viewing audience. You are giving hope to so many people with a variety of challenges who are ready to give up and then they see you! Buddy, if you can do what you do… there’s no reason for anyone to slow down or stop! Keep going and I hope the series goes on and on… Give my best to your mom and dad next time you talk to them… Take care! P.S. I love your husband…

  8. Sandy Hall says:

    Dear Dr. Jen,
    I love your show so much!!!! I have not missed one episode. My husband and daughter love it also. We think you are the biggest inspiration for women of all sizes and ages. We think you are the sweetest woman in the world. Bill is so lucky to have you for his wife and we hope you can have the family you want so badly with him. Our prayers are with you. God bless you and your hubby. Love, Sandy xxxooooo

  9. Joyce Hoffstetter says:

    Dear Dr. When will you and Bill be on again? We really love your show and have not seen it lately. Thank you

  10. Ed and Barb says:

    Jen and Bill,
    I just want to say (we want to say) that the two of you are such a wonderful, charming couple. We have the greatest respect for both of you, loved watching all your specials last year and are looking forward to watching your new series. We just love your outgoing and positive attitude, we can all learn from the both of you. You are never toooooo old or toooooo small to learn or do anything!

    Hugs to you both
    Ed and Barb

  11. Betty Marschner says:

    Dear Dr. Jen,
    You are truly an inspiration to our family. Our daughter, Paula, has SED. She is 4 ft 9 inches so is a giant! She is presently holding down a full time job and is going to college on the side. I know she would love to talk with you. Sadly, Paula has never found her mate for life. She has had many dates but not one has been interested in pursuing a relationship and alot of times she feels it is because of her condition. She is really busy with college right now and does not get the time to see your show like she would like to but I know she would really be thrilled to talk with you. She just had her second hip replacement surgery and had joint fusion at C1 and C2 when she was six. She is now 37 yrs of age and wonders if she will ever find a right match. She would like to marry too but it just seems life is passing her by. She is talented musically and has done very well in her college courses. If you could email her her email is pmarsch@hotmail.com her home phone number is 701-258-3544 and her cell is 701-240-3375. She is one of only two in the state of ND with this disease. I love watching you and feel you are a real role model to those who battle limitations. Good luch in all your endevours. Betty Marschner By the way, I raise and show Morgan horses!

  12. Mike Koslowski says:

    Tell your husband he should stick to mini-golf, who says midgets can do everything big people can do, he stunk, but looked liked a true business-man poser on the course. Haaaa haa haaa haaa haaa, I love your new comedy!

  13. Pam Cory says:

    Dear Jen, I have never written to any person on television before. I want you and Bill to know that it would be a much better world with more people like the two of you, in it…I love the class with which you both conduct yourselves at all times. It is a pleasure to watch the two of you treating each other with such love and respect. You definitely are in a class above other tv reality show participants. Keep it up and I wish you all the best with your quest for an addition to your family.

  14. Karen Lee says:

    Jan, I think you and Bill have the best relationship I’ve seen in a long time. Bill is so charming and adores you and he is very witty. And you’re just beautiful and sweet. I hope your lives become more blessed with all your hearts desires.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Dr. Jen,
    I have scoliosis and restrictive lung disorder as well. To see myself in someone on t.v. has been amazing! I’m 27, going to college to be a preschool teacher and am on oxygen full time. I wasn’t supposed to live 1 day let alone 27 great years. I am really inspired by your show and the message that people are people no matter what size. I’m 4 ‘ 3 but just as much attitude as a normal heighth person. Thank you and I wish you and Bill all the blessings God can give.

  16. vicki says:

    Dear Jen, What an awesome show you and Bill have. You are so upbeat and so full of everything positive in life. You and Bill are just perfect for each other, and I look forward to watching your show. Keep up the good work, you truly have an awesome fan base.

  17. nellie vickers says:

    Dear Jen,
    Iam only 13 yo and I love you show. We are studying what we want to be when we get older, so we can take our high school classes. I have decided to take on neonatology. My teacher asked me why and I said that I have been inspired by a well known person and she said who I said Jennifer Arnold. She told me that your life was fake and there was no way I will be able to move to Texas and work at Texas Childrens hospital. But I still think I can achieve my goals. P.S I love rocky.
    Your Friend,

  18. valerie Bryant says:

    Jenn and Bill,
    I am a big fan of your show. I think you are both such a wonderful couple and the love that is there between you too is so precious. I absolutely love Rocky and I was watching an episode where you mentioned you wanted training for Rocky.
    We ,My husband Matt and myself run a dogie adventure land. We have 3 acres and have cage free boarding in our suites. We live on the property and my husband Matt is a trainer. He has done some seminars with Ceaser Milan. Please check out our website and we would love to come by and due a free home harmony assessment to see what Rocky needs.
    Well hope to hear from you.
    Val Bryant

  19. Sergut says:

    Dr. Jen. Arnold and husband Mr. Bill, I admire you so much. You are such a great people. I always watch your TLC show. I really have no words to explain how much I love you guys. May God bless your life and indeed it is already blessed.

  20. La Verne Bookout Baronette says:

    Doctor Arnold

    Hello Doctor Arnold, wishing you a blessed New year. My son in law is Mark Wallace, married to Shannon. I have followed your show since it started. After several shows I realized you work at TCH. I am looking forward to the golf show for many reasons. Not only do I get to learn more about you, I also get to see my family. There are no words to explain how absolutly wonderful you are, and the things you have overcome. You work for a special man who really lives and walks everyday the path you see at the office. God Bless.
    La Verne

  21. Love says:

    Hi Jen,
    Love yr show and love to watch you and bill . I think you guys are fantastic. I like you so much and I want to your friend. I am married with three boys , 8,6 and 3. They also love you.
    Pray that by God’s grace you will be pregant and have your own baby safe and sound.
    God bless you . love u and bill.

  22. Diane Saks says:

    Dear Jen,
    I’ve been meaning to tell you this since I heard about your respiration test to have a baby.The fact you don’t have enough breath span to have a baby the traditional way is not a problem. Don’t let the archaic doctors tell you otherwise. Have you heard of Womb for Rent? Since you have a reality TV show, you may be able to afford $80,000. It would also make an interesting next season.
    I heard that Womb For Rent is located in India. There is a doctor who houses Indian women and cares for them during the pregnancy. These women are more affordable surogate mothers than the US. These women are married and already have had a child. They want to carry Anerican babies. Bill has to willing to artificially inseminate an Indian woman ,and you have to be be willing to have some of your eggs extracted and planted into the womb of the Indian woman. In 9 months you can have the baby you and Bill always wanted, anyway. So what if you your doctor told you that a pregnancy would be hard on your breathing. If you have an average size Indian woman carry your baby, your breathing capacity during pregancy won’t be a problem. Good luck if you do this.

  23. Diane Saks says:

    Dear Jen,
    I rechecked the Womb For Rent Website and it seems I may have overstated the cost. I was sure I read it right the first time, many months ago. I read different types of costs up to $12,000. I also read that in the US the procedure for surrogate mothers is $70,000. Everything else I told you is correct. If you are interested just get on the website and check the contact person. You are better off to talk to someone at Womb For Rent. Maybe I remembered wrong or someone posted it wrong. Once again, Good luck. I will be watching.

  24. MARTA says:

    Dr. Arnold you are a great Dr. also caring and loving. I am a retired NICU nurse.
    Love your show I am a faithful viewer. Bill adores you, he is so handsome, charming very witty and you’re outgoing and with a positive attitude, also beautiful and sweet. Such a wonderful couple and the love and respect that is there between you two is a blessing. We hope you can have the family you both want so badly. Remember mother is not the one that gives birth is the one that take care and love the child thru the years. I hope you thought about a surrogate, the movie stars are doing it…Sorry Bill was right, they tell you one price and when is finish ia a higher one, it happen to me. Good luck with the new house.

  25. Donna says:

    I can help you in your quest. No money involved. I live in Canada. Contact me via email for my phone number.

  26. Nancy Snowdy says:

    Dear Bill and Jen – My husband and I watch your show and your story of looking into a surrogate mom touched my heart. When you spoke of the financial cost to having a surrogate, I was shocked and it saddened me to think that this could keep you from you starting your own family. I am a mom blessed with 2 girls ages 13 and 10 and to think that I could not fulfill my dream of being a mom due to financial reasons, would have been devastating to me. I would be very interested in talking to you about being a surrogate mom for you. I would not look to be paid but to be able to provide a gift to you of having your own child, a true blessing from God.

  27. charity says:

    Dear Jennifer, I am not a surrogate mother but I would willing to help. I think that a child is a wonderful gift and that everyone who would like to have one have the oppurnity to do so. I am a mother of two happy healthy kid who are ages 11 and 8. I love to watch the show, I watch every week if possible. I also will grant you both permission to all my medical records. If I can be os assistance to you and Bill please feel free to let me know.

  28. Sharon S. says:

    Dear Jennifer, Here’s an idea for your new house. In addition to cabinetry designed for frequently used things, above that you could have a sliding “library ladder” to give access to more shelving, which could have sliding doors so as not to obstruct the ladder.

  29. Nancy says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    My 18-yr-old daughter is 4’11″. She drives a Honda Civic but is concerned that she has to sit so close to the steering wheel that the airbag might deploy and seriously injure her.
    I have talked with a local mechanic and he says not to worry, but I am not convinced and I would like to set her mind at ease.
    Would you or Bill be able to recommend a source for autos recommended for smaller people or a company that specializes in re-configuring cars to fit smaller people?
    Is there any website for smaller people with sources to help with auto information?
    Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Rachel Doak says:

    Hey, Jen and Bill. I love your show.

    I have hydrocephalus, and I can understand the difficulties with pregnancy. In my case, if I were to become pregnant, I would need to go to a hospital that specializes in high-risk pregnancies, where they would need to use general anesthesia, perform a C-section, move my shunt out of the way, and replace my shunt. My husband has discussed this with friends of ours (one of whom had been a Physician Assistant), and they all agreed that it wasn’t worth risking my life over. Part of me still wants to do it, despite the risks, because I’ve had three brain surgeries as I was growing up (at birth, and ages 4 and 12; I’m 33 now), and I’ve suffered no ill effects from the surgeries.

    We have looked into foster parenting, and have taken the classes, but our CSB told us that they couldn’t accept us, because we don’t have enough experience with children.

  31. Pat says:

    Jennifer, I love your show and I think you’re wonderful.

  32. Jacqueline Gates says:


    This is a message for Jennifer. I have been following your show and it occured to me that perhaps I could be of help. I’m a happily married stay at home mommy with 2 healthy happy children (conceived first try both times). I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, am a world traveller and a univeristy graduate. I am open to the idea of carrying a child for another couple and thought I’d just throw the idea out to you and your husband . I am hoping this message finds it’s way to you and does not get published as I am a very private person and would not want any unwanted attention.
    Thanks J

  33. eva burman says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I love your show and am so impressed by the work you do as a neonatologist. I work at Mary Birch Hospital for Women in San Diego. I am the manager for the Perinatal Special Care Unit where I have spent my 22 year nursing career. One of the doctors I work with, Sean Daneshmand, Perinatologist, has started a non-profit organization called Miracle Babies. I put the website above and thought maybe you could take a look at it. It is an amazing organization with a very important mission to help families with babies in the NICU.
    Please take a look at the website and let me know what you think. Miracle Babies is spreading across the country. Maybe we need a chapter in Texas at your hospital?
    Like I said, I love your show and am a huge fan.
    Eva Burman, RN, Manager.

  34. Linda Horner says:

    Dr Jen,

    I enjoy your show very much on TLC.

    I was watching the episode last night where you and Bill had a fishing contest. You had come to FL to visit your family and ended up going on a charter out of Madeira Beach with Hubbard’s Marina. I was so excited when I saw that as I live 1/2 mile from John’s Pass. I have known several of the Hubbard family members for many years.

  35. Tania S. says:

    Jen and Bill,
    You are both so wonderful. I watched every one of your episodes and have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for you both. Jen, you are an Angel and Bill is a true gentleman. You both make such a perfect couple and I think we can all learn about marriage and relationships from you two.
    I’ll pray for you that your desire to have a child will come true soon. I wish I could help but my birthing days are over. Love you both and please make more episodes or I’ll really miss you.

  36. Linda Horner says:

    To Karen S,

    The couple you are referring to are not Dr. Jen and Bill. I have seen the show you are talking about. It is another couple and she has blonde hair also. The show is on TLC and will have it’s season premier this Monday. The show is called ” Our Little Life” I think.

  37. Deanne Meyer says:

    Dear Jen,
    i just read your article in the People magazine today. Very touch by your story. I am currently being a gestastational surrogate for a couple who were unsuccessful in their attempts to carry a child to full term. We are doing this privately without an agency and I know they are saving tons of money going this route. We both have legal, binding contracts so that all parties involved are protected. I live in CA and they live in NV. I have 3 children of my own, am 38 yo and a working professional and enjoy every bit of being pregnant. I would be willing to help you and your husband’s dreams of having your own child come true, as mine has having my children. I am sure you are overwhelmed with the same offers, but just had to write you anyways. Best of wishes to you both! Deanne

  38. Rebecca Davis says:

    Jen and Bill,

    This is a shot in the dark… but if you are trying to find a surregate. (my heart is pound out of my chest) I would like to talk to you about it.

    I am a mother of three beautiful boys. I am 27… All three of my pregnancys were awesome and uncomplicated. I do not smoke or drink or do any drugs… I drink a cup of coffee a day… I prayed about this which may or may not sound strange, but I would love to help you… Don’t need to be on your show, or anything… Please contact me if you think you may want to go down this road with me… I would not be a risky choice.. THAT is 100%

  39. Gloria Gates says:

    Jenn & Bill, I am a 62 year old woman and watch your show. I want to comment on something I have noticed when you both are in a chauffer driven car. You are sitting close together and no sit belts around you. At least that is how I see it. Please be careful, it you are just doing it for the cameras, okay, but if you are really riding around the cities like that, buckle up, please.
    I enjoy your show so much. You both are so natural and real people.
    I pray you get your baby soon.

  40. Rhonda Dime says:

    Dear Dr. Jen,
    I have a 4 month old grandson, Dante, Who was diagnosed with June thoric dystorphy at birth. He has since then been in and out of the Childrens Hospital where we live. It seems to be very rare, and most doctors here have never heard of it… I watch your show on TLC… and love it.. I also know your a very busy lady, but I was sure hoping you could give me a little insight on this type of dwarfism, and his main problem has been pneomonia.. He has an extremely small chest cavity, and as little as spitting up and have it go down the wrong pipe, as us, gives him pneomonia… they are saying they can put a prosthetic chest in that will help so that his lungs can grow, but they dont want to do that until he’s ( 2 ). That to me seems like a long time, especially since we have been in and out of the hospital so much already!?!
    Anything you could possible tell me or any information, would be deeply appreciated!! thank you so much !!!

  41. Harlan & Dorothy Gardner says:

    You have the best reality show going. Where have you been the last week or so. We’re beginning to panic.

  42. Debra Hermis says:

    I have really enjoyed the show. I can’t wait for the new season. Good luck with building your new home. I have family working at Texas Childrens ~ I hope they will be able to meet you, Dr. Arnold, one day. You are an inspiration along with Bill and your marriage and of course Rocky (he is so cute).

  43. April says:

    Dr. Jen,
    I highly doubt you will be able to read this. Taking into consideration what a busy life you have, not to mention this isn’t a direct e-mail to you. I just wanted to say that I am 15 about to be 16 and a junior in High School. I’ve decided to study neonatology and I would like to say watching you do what you do on the show is what planted the seed in my head. Now I feel so compelled to do this because I know this is what I want to be and what I’m meant for. Thank you for being yourself.

  44. rbrad68 says:

    I used this website so much when I learned my wife was having an affair with a doctor. Those were some dark days I must say

  45. Martha A HIll says:

    miss seeing you on tlc.
    Are you guys coming back on?

  46. fauna says:

    Love you guys!! Missing your show during the hiatus time. Bill is so funny and Jen you are just the best, you are the perfect balance for one another. Keep up the good work and keep your marriage top priority no matter what comes your way.
    My husband and I are looking forward to the shows return in a few weeks!

  47. Heather Russell says:

    Dr. Jen ( as my boys referred to her) helped to save my son Jacqueson. He was not suppose to make it and now tomorrow he graduates from preschool. We have not seen her since LPA in Pittsburgh, but every day we are grateful.

  48. NKOCH says:

    Bill and Jen,

    You are great!!

  49. Odonna66 says:

    Jen ~ do you really like Bill's hair?

  50. Skauthor1 says:

    Love your show! Here is a book I think you would like: The Big Life of a Little Man, Michael Dunn Remembered. It is a biography about the famous little person actor Michael Dunn who starred in 10 episodes of the Wild Wild West TV series as well as numerous other roles. You can Google the title for more information! I can't wait until you have a baby on the way!

  51. SUSAN DORRis says:

    DR. Klein, MY name is SUSAN and I am wishing to talk with you and BILL about making your dreams of a baby dreams come true. My gift to you. if you have not yet found someone yet. email if your intrested in going further.ladybugsforyou@Yahoo.com

  52. Robinpelker says:

    I LOVE the Little Couple! They are really neat people, and I wish them the best for a new baby in the near future.

  53. Gizmozdaddy says:

    Dude…you're an ass! Here's a word for you…sensitivity! Look it up. If the word isn't too big for you. If your language skills in any way reflect your intelligence, then, I wouldn't be judging Bill Klein for his efforts to fit into a world which in no way conforms to his challenge, rather, he adapts. Something you clearly have no mind for, otherwise…you'd no better than to use the words you use to make fun of people who try. There's a lot more that could be said of your comments regarding this gentleman, it just isn't worth my time to chide you. It would likely all just go over your head anyway.

    Jen, and Bill…keep up the amazing work proving how those who can try, while those who can't, give play by play from their high chairs. I applaud your choices and the effort it's taken for you both to succeed in life where others only watch. If this clown had any idea what you both overcome each day to attempt to compete on a level playing fields, he'd know better..clearly, he doesn't. Your accomplishments speak for themselves, and I for one am happy to watch as TLC records you lives and the tough decisions you face each day. You are both, tributes to humanity, not just little people everywhere. Thanks for your willingness to open up those lives to us all, including people as ignorant as this guy.

    God bless, and can't wait to see how the home and your decision on children play's out.

  54. Mimi says:

    Hello Jen
    I think you & Bill are just great.
    The way you 2 are sooo loveingly is very sweet stay that way.
    The Mexacen People next too us 5 people are liveing in that home they all yell at little Daniel
    hes 3 his Sister came along shes very young & her Mother starts yelling at her there bad nambers too live with all I hear is yelling .
    I hope you don't have this troble there.

    Good Luck too the both of you.

    Are you 2 Married!

    Love too you both & puppy


  55. Janmac37 says:

    Dr. jenefer arnold I watch your little couple show as much as I can on tuesday evenings on cable tv. my name is jan mcelwain I am from girard kansas I realize I have never met you or your husband bill My mom and I watch your show when ever we can, your mom judy arnold and my moms name is pat mcelwain her maiden name was neil both of our moms are cousins your grandpa ike shipman and my grandma neil was georgina shipman were brother and sister my mom has wanted to get a hold of your mom for some time I have not seen your mom judy ,barbara or chris since I was a little kid in the mid 70′s when my mother and myself watch your show little couples we really enjoy seeing you all my mom ,my aunt sandy was neil and uncle rick neil of girard if you and your husband bill would like to send me an email it would be great hearing from you my email address is janmac37@hotmail.com it would be great hearing from you an your husband .

  56. Marta Gamez says:

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Klein,

    I'm Marta I'm a mother of 4 healthy girls ages 5-12. I had them all naturally with no complications. I would love to make your wishes come true! I'm am 34 years old I have no health conditions, none in the past also. I don't do drugs. I have no criminal records. Also I am taking a LNA course in August-October. I speak Spanish and English ,first language spanish. If you are interested please e-mail me at melissagamez@comcast.net .
    Thank you so much!
    Marta G

  57. Js1207 says:

    I am a BIG fan of the show, THE LITTLE COUPLE. Dr. Jennifer Arnold is a role model and inspiration for me. I am soooooo impressed with how she lives her life and how her life demonstrates exactly what she believes in: integrity, love for family and compassion for people. I'm 62 years old and have some 'challenges' of my own, and Dr. Jennifer give me hope and much happiness – I love watching the show and I'm her biggest fan.
    Janice Sweat, MA
    Retired MFT

  58. mymom'sanurse says:

    Dr. Arnold, Not only am I an avid fan of your's and Bill's, I am also a nurse and a mother. On August 5, 2010, my “adopted” daughter will give birth via c-section to her second child. She has a 5 year old daughter who at four months had surgery for coarctation. The son she carries now not only has hyperplastic left heart syndrome but also total pulmonary venous anomaly. We are all people of very strong faith, and know that God performs miracles on a daily basis. I was wondering what chance a child with these defects has in surviving surgery to make repairs. Even if they make repairs, we know within five years he will probably need a heart transplant. She will be delivering in a high risk hospital in Atlanta and his surgery will be done at Egleston at Emory University. Any information you can give will be helpful

  59. ERNA KYLE says:


  60. Shebajadecage says:

    I admire little people, infact there are my inspiration to live. I would love to carry there baby for them. I am single with no obligation. If I can help them. I am ready to do it.
    my email: shebajadecade@ymail.com contact me. I be happy to help you to have your family. I am in california.

  61. Rdhenson4509 says:


  62. Maureencocklin says:

    Jennifer and Bill are a beautiful couple. I have followed their story on their programme and hope they can have the family they want in the way they want. Good luck to a lovely couple and I wish them all the very best for the future.

  63. Jim says:

    mike.., the word “loser” was invented for a life forms like you.
    I don't even want to use the word person or human.

    you are a serious looooooooser.


  64. Maureencocklin says:

    I hope this wasn't a serious comment albeit it a stupid one. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I suggest you keep yours to yourself.

  65. carole says:

    I would hope that this couple will be on TLC forever………they both are truly in love with eachother they are the perfect couple I so enjoy watching this show…..a vote for this show to be renewed for another season……….thanks to the both of you for making this world a better place to live………..

  66. DubyaIE says:

    “Jennifer received her medical degree from John Hopkins University”

    Guys, she managed to graduate from arguably the best Medical School in the world. The least you could do is get the name right! John”S” Hopkins….

    Congrats Jen, keep up the good work

  67. ingridstam says:

    The show is now broadcasted in Holland and everyone is loving it , did you know that your name Klein is a word that means little in dutch .
    I love your humor Bill , you make me laugh all the time and we all are so glad to see in your daily live and how you two are couping with it all.
    Deep respect for Jen , her laugh is so special and her work even more .
    Hope you get a baby and a new home.
    Love from Holland.

  68. Ash_sorrells says:

    Jen is Awesome!

  69. Annaboogirl says:

    My name is Anna Johnson and I would also like to make your dream come true! The thought of helping anyone start a family is dream that I would love to be apart of. Please email me if you have an questions. annaboogirl@hotmail.com

  70. Lizavrieze911 says:

    Diep Respect voor hen. We houden van JE ! Ik wens u te ontmoeten! Groeten uit Nederland!

  71. Cdmbooks says:

    Dr. Arnold inspires me. She makes me believe that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I cried last week when they re-ran the LC episode when Bill went into surgery. I cried with Jen and loved this incredible couple more.

  72. Rochelle says:

    I was at the taping of “The Doctors” on 9/10/10 and heard you say you are going to go with a surrogate to start your family. I am a case manager for Agency for Surrogacy Solutions. If you'd like to contact us, please call 818-903-5051. We'd love to help you with your journey.


  73. Allykat96 says:

    i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the little couple good luck with the baby and new house from your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Nolabeth says:

    I love watching the show, especially if they show Jen at work with the tiny babies. What wonderful yet sometimes sad job. What a great feeling it must be to know that you save the lives of those precious babies. Yet what a heartbreak it can be to know you did your best and it just wasn't meant to be for a baby to make it. Thanks for making a difference in the lives of so many couples.

  75. Nolabeth says:

    Erna I pray that God will lead the doctors to the correct medicines to cure your cancer so you too can go on making a difference in the lives of the tiny babies.

  76. binta says:

    dear dr. jennifer and bill klein, wow what a pretty and lovely couple you both are!! such a respect and understanding for eachother, you are a big example for everyone, and there should be no war, wenn everybody should have your inside!! i love you both and miss you on t.v. now the serie ended!! what a pity, i loved to see your new house and specialy your coming baby: i wish you a lot of success and good luck, thre best luck in the world!! love, kis and a big hug, margaret de vries, holland

  77. Katmper says:

    You guys are I think my favorite couple! It's obvious how much you love and care about eachother. You're great and Dr. Arnold is just so admirable! I love the scenes on the show when she is working. God bless you both for the brightest future together and a world full of happiness!

  78. Compaq 610 says:

    Thank you so much, you've just proved that little people can live huge lives, you've inspired me.

  79. Droyal3 says:

    I am a BIG fan of “The Little Couple”…and enjoying the new house being built…hopefully they haven't gotten the kitchen TOTALLY done, as I'm sure their contractor gets a bit boggled with “changes”, as Jen and Bill make decisions about their home. BUT…here's another “thought” to perhaps 'consider'.

    I have heard both of them talk about being burned while trying to cook meals…SO, I had this idea, that if whatever company supplying their cooktop (IF in fact, the cooktop will be separate from the oven) could “customize” a cooktop that has all burners and/or griddle in a 'single row'…in other words, where you usually have two burners close to the front, two close to the back, and possible griddle or fifth burner in the middle…IF this could be done, they wouldn't have to worry about their “short reach”, and possibility of burning themselves reaching to back burners. All the burners and griddle in a row, making all of them much easier to reach, and less chance of cooking “accidents” for shorter arms. Just a thought…but I bet there are may little people who would appreciate this type of configuration for their cooktops.

    Jen and Bill good luck with EVERYTHING in your lives, baby, home, and a great life! God Bless.

  80. Twogroves says:

    Jen…I understand that you are coming to Central Pennsylvania and tickets are on sale. When and where are you coming?? My grandson would love to come see you. Thank you!

  81. Maureen says:

    I love the show.My best to you and Bill on your new home and a new baby to your family. Love to watch you two. You are one of the sweetest couples on this earth.Wish there were more like you.
    Warm Wishes
    Maureen :)
    From Indiana

  82. Pat says:

    I just love watching this show. I admire them both so much and only wish the very best for them. Just a young couple in love, planning their new life together.. Much blessings to them and their families

  83. tracey says:

    Hi Bill and Jen, I love your show and wish you much success. You are two of the sweetest people and should have a child. I know what your going through; we’ve been trying a year now.

  84. Dahliagomez says:

    I really enjoy watching Y.all in the “The little couple” Jen wen i finish high school I want to go to college to study on how to start my career as a pediatrician. Just now am working on my senior research paper, am writteing about how to become a pediatrician. And for my conclusion it asks who influenced me to pursue this carrer so I put your name down Dr. Jennifer Arnold. I look up to you alot just the fact that your a relly sucssesful person also because am a small pearson ma self am only 4ft.7in. I hope one day i can meet you in person got alot to ask. love, Chaparra

  85. Nixonplace says:

    I simply LOVE… Bill and Jen.. Ever since I stumble on their show one night… I cant wait to see them every week… I’m praying for their success in having a baby… She will become a great MOM, because she is such a loving , positive lady….. She has lots of joy and love to give… I’m rooting for you girl Jen… go for it dont gve up..

  86. Pamelatheobald says:

    I absolutely love this show and Bill and Jen. Please consider offering special needs items for those special needs pets if you succeed in your quest of operating a pet appearal shop. I have a blind border collie and I would’ve loved having a “one-stop shop” for all his needs, (helment, goggles, pet wheelchairs, warning tracks, mats, etc…) It would only make sense that YOU would offer those much needed, yet unavailable, items either in a shop or online. I, for one, would be certain to shop your site not only for the clothing, but also for the special needs items. I LOVE YOUR SHOW & wish you the very best in your adventures!

  87. LShay says:

    My partner and I have been watching your show for quite some time now, maybe since the beginning. I just have to say after watching tonight episode (a 24 hr rotation), I was even more of a fan of Jen. I work with people who have disabilities. It gives me so much hope to help find them careers. Very inspiring, thank you!

  88. Torres-maria says:

    I love the little couple good luck with everything Jenn!!!

  89. Laniesider says:

    Love the show! I look forward to watching the show every week. Good luck with the baby and god bless you both. Keep your marriage a priority always and you both will make it through anything in life. I also love the fact that you both have such love for your dogs cause you both know that the dogs will love you know matter what. Keep on loving each other and good luck again.

  90. dee mcgee says:

    I have just seen Jennifer on Little People for the first time. Wow I am totally knocked out. She and her devoted husband are truly amazing and I wish then the very best! They will make the most fabulous parents. Cheers… Dee Mcgee (Port Hope, Ontario).

  91. Rayna says:

    Amazingly Gifted..I love not only the show,but your outstanding accomplishments. “Never in a million years would anyone believe in your achievements and ,the surpassing of the goals you have reached. “Good Luck in your Endeavors Dr. Jenn..one more addition should do it ..right?
    Best Wishes To You & Yours
    Rayna L.

  92. daffodil43 says:

    Jen’s 24-hour rotations make my feet hurt – I can only imagine how bad her hips hurt after all those hours! Jen…have you ever considered getting an electric scooter and using it at work? Seems like a plausible solution to the “8-10″ miles you walk each rotation. Love you and Bill and your show. We are pet owners/lovers too…1 small dog and 9 kitties. Best of luck and lots of prayers for your soon-to-be baby!!

  93. Blah2 says:

    I am a huge fan of The Little Couple. They are such a wonderful example of a couple working together in life. They genuinely care for each other and it comes through on camera. Please keep the show going.

  94. Jessica David says:

    Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Klein are amazing individuals. They did not let there childhood characteristics stop them in any way, from becoming brillant people and wonderful contributors in todays society. They may be little people but that is just a characteristic that can be used to describe them, it is not a characteristic that we can use to truly define them. I applaud you both for being so courageous for overcoming prejudices and stereotypes that I have no doubt were put before you. God gave you both the characteristic quality of little people so that you could show the world that size does not matter but that it is quality of spirit and heart that count. I am so happy that you two have found each other to walk through life with and I wish you the best in starting your family. How ever it turns out, you will be phenominal parents because you both have learned how to handle what life throws at you. I love your show because it inspires us all to embrace those things which make us different and unique. It also teaches us to live life to the fullest without limitations. God bless for continued success and bright futures. By the way your home is really looking nice on the episodes of tlc, I love the color and theme you are going for! Everyone needs a little tranquility in their lives! Jessica David

  95. DEBOSBAMBAM says:


  96. Presdot says:

    When are the Little Couple coming back on TV

  97. Marilyn johnson says:

    dr, jen i was watching one of your shows where you and your mother redid one of your room before dinner.i saw the store that you and your mother was shopping in i cant remmeber the name of the store the last name was GOOD i know its in houston could you help me out with the name and location my name is marilyn johnson i just moved to houston about 2 months now i sure thank you if you could help me.

  98. Marilyn johnson says:

    Oh Dr, jen Good luck and Mr.Bill Good luck also on your new home, i no it going to be beautiful, and the search for your new baby.may God Bless,and keep you and your family, marilyn johnson

  99. JAD7854 says:

    We have been looking all over to find out when the show is coming back on. Why won’t someone tell us the schedule, or if they are not doing the show???? We miss them!!!

  100. Bar Ernestkofi says:

    Attn: Dear

    Before I proceed, I must first apologize for this unsolicited mail to you,i am aware that this is certainly an unconventional approach to start a relationship, but as time goes on you will realize the need for my action.

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    All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives. Since then I have made several inquiries to his embassy here to locate any of my clients extended relatives, this has proved unsuccessful.

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    The African Development Bank Ltd has issued me a mandate letter to provide the next of kin to my late client or have his account confiscated within the next twenty one (21) working days as unserviceable . Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over 2years now, I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased ,so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you.

    I have all necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up for the claim.All I require from you is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through.I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate
    arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.if you can assist, please get back to me as soon as possible through my private email address(bar.ernestkofi@gmail.com)

    Best Regards,
    Ernest Kofi Abotsi Esq,
    23 high street Accra Ghana

  101. Louis98 says:

    Are Jenn and Bill still looking for a surrogate? I’d be willing to carry their baby.

  102. Jeannette says:

    I just love the both of them. They’re sweet. Just want to give Jen a big hug;0)

  103. Jan McElwain says:

    Jan McElwain  june 14 2011 Hello Dr. Jennifer and Bill Klein My family and I live in a small town in Kansas called Girard Kansas every tuesday evening at 9Pm we watch your show the Little Couples and we love it and we also watched last week the first show of the new season its just  great I have 3 teenagers that watch it also I have 2 girls and a boy their names are dillon, samantha, and jannelle and they love watching it jennifer and bill I realize we have never met but we are cousins jennifer I knew your mother judy when she was a teenager the last time I seen your mom I was about 10years old I knew your grandma and grandpa shipman Ike and Lorraine your grandpa was a navy veteran and your grandma Lorraine worked at Disney World in orlando florida before they past away years ago my mother pat neil mcelwain ,rick neil,and sandy oplotnik have been trying to get a hold of your mother judy shipman harold if you Dr. jennifer or your mother judy can call please do 620-724-8203 or sandys phone no.620-724-4840 please do your grandparents had 3 kids years ago Judy shipman,chris shipman, barbara shipman yes please if you can call please do we have been trying to get a hold of you we dont know judys your mom and dads phone number we all live in crawford county in kansas in girard we would be glad to hear from you please call as soon as you hopefully get this message we havent seen it would be my Great Uncle Ike and Aunt Lorraine and their 3 kids judy ,chris, and Barbara since the mid70s 30years ago hopefully to hear from you soon your relative Jan McElwain.

  104. Dehart7279 says:

    Jen I have registered as a surrogate mother on a site that I believe you do visit.  I am 31 years of age no past medical history…no smoker and I already have a FULL family of 4 children(1 is my stepson) I hate that word because he is like one of my VERY own…but my husband who is 39 yesterday…well we decided we are done making our family:) I am a stay at home mother with all 4 children while he works third shfit each night.  Each individual in life feels that they have a calling but sometimes those callings are not YELLING out our names but since I have been a viewer of yours from day one and I have experienced the heartache with you when you realized that day that all of a sudden your egg decided to disappear I wept for you and with you.  I have never had to go through that and I HATE that you and Bill had to.  You are 2 extrodinary individuals seperate from each other but together as GOD has it you 2 are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!:) I am sending this because I know somewhere down the line GOD has purpose for my life and it has been WEIGHING VERY HEAVY ON MY HEART that it may be being a surrogate mother for those who desperately want children.  So even though you don’t know me… I CARE..and PRAY for you daily and GOD puts certain people in our lives for a season and sometimes for a REASON.  So please I hope you will read this and contact me.   dehart7279@verizon.net

  105. Bianca Lake says:

    I love all your shows and i cant wait for the baby to be born and for you to live in your dream home. I dont mine in the future to come and visit you all. God bless!

  106. Yeseniarodriguez Veloz says:

    I live in nyc and I don’t missed the show the little couple. I love them both.I hope that one day that bill and jen come to nyc I am able to met them.

    yesenia veloz

  107. Tesr says:

    Um… you do realize that the whole world can see this right? You shouldn’t post this kind of info on a public forum… your own info let alone someone else’s…

  108. Trinabickham says:

     First of all, I love your show… and I feel like we are friends, even though we have never met in person. I have prayed for you as you meet the needs of children at Texas Children’s. I have prayed for you as you have tried to have your family. I am truly happy for you and Bill…I cannot wait to meet the new baby when God brings that to fruition. I am also loving your new home and wish you lots of blessings as you and your family opens the new store. I also think that we could be great friends, and I hope that one day I will meet you. Until that day though, just know that I will pray for you and Bill as you start this new journey of life.  Trina Bickham

  109. Williams_ruth_n says:

    I just can’t wait for this show to come back.  Do you know when it will?

  110. Teatimewithlorry says:

    any way one can find out the latest info on her life? i so want to know if she was able to conceive and carry a child or had success with a surragate

  111. RubyHeart says:

    “Attn: Dear

    Before I proceed, I must first apologize for this unsolicited mail to you…”

    INCREDIBLE!! The classic African email scam posted right on a bulletin board thread. :::shaking head::: I think this is a first! ROFLOLOLOL!!!

  112. Hadaf says:

    i like u so much u are so smart active and cute

  113. Hadaf says:

    i like u so much u are so smart active and cute

  114. Denisewaggoner says:

    sorry about the Baby I will pray the next one will work. I need bill,s advise on my daughter starting a business online. Denise waggoner Yucaipa, ca

  115. Jeannettehiggins says:

    Jen & Bill, I think you two are amazing! I would really like to know when your show is coming back on TLC? I also hope your baby dreams come true.

  116. Dustin keener says:

    my daughter’s name is Jocelynn NovaLee Keener . when she was born you was working @ childrens hospital in pittsburg. my little princess is 5 yrs. old now. she stands just a little lower than my hip. my wife and i are endebted to you and the staff @1143f34a291148bfcf7eeb30bb2593eb:disqus the hospital.i still remember you said my little girl had the largest team of dr.s .147 thats a lot on call 24-7 for her. the tumors are gone in her heart, leisens on her brain , and no more intestinal problems. and i think you might be right she does have a touch of dwarfism.you are one of the most awsomeist dr. i ever met. my wife bobbie jo and i just love ya to pieces. congrats on getting married. and sorry about the baby… i wish you were around here i have another child that goes to pittsburg now. great dr.s are hard to find. take care and thoughts and prayers will be with you.  

  117. Judymoles says:

    I have watched your show from day 1 !! I was sitting with my grandson (Ryder) today and too my surprize today in you & Bill walked !! My heart sinked as i have been running on empty for weeks now trying to work 40 hrs. & spend every spare moment i can at Ryder’s bedside . I think you guys are the greatest people and now that i’ve had the change to meet you both how i wish Jen was the dr taking care of Ryder I’ve read so many stories of jen’s great track record !! I just wanted to let u both know how u touched my heart today and wanted to thank you both for taking a min. to talk to me & my husband !!! Wish i would’ve asked for a picture but like i’d said before i’ve been running on empty and my brain just was’nt working!! lol  Love the show and wish only the best for you two !! Please say a pray for our lil Ryder !! Thanks again for putting a smile on my face today !!!

                                                                           Judy Moles

  118. kathy says:

    we love your show and cannot wait til you come back on tv. you and bill are sadly missed so hurry back.

  119. Karen says:

    Jennifer, I understand your heartache and joy at the prospect of a new life. I have a daugther after being told that it would be impossible for me to concieve. I lost a child in the 3rd month and never had another. I pray daily you will succeed in that special moment when you hold your blessed little one. Don’t forget we are all hoping and praying for you to succeed. You will make wonderful parents. I am in Houston and am proud you chose our city to live! Karen of houston